Your Song

One of the most Beautiful and Honored Gifts we have been given is the Gift of Songwriting 
Just like Hiring an Artist for a Framed Piece of Art - Today we have the ability to create Personal Musical works of Art for you
 Event, a Celebration , a memory , or just because                   Let us Create YOUR Song
              A Song that can last forever  

I had heard them perform their Freestyle Flalala at a date night . I was blown away by their ability to create songs on the spot so I asked them to create a REAL Song for my to give to my soon to be wife - Thank you TwoWayLight the song was beautiful and I even added in her nickname in the song :)

- Devin Rossi

We would love to create a Song for you Please give us more information about what you would like us to create for you 

"Forever California"

"Get out There"

"I Am"

Organizations We Have Created Songs for 

Promotional Song
Promotional Song
Inspirational Song 

What is YOUR SONG 

Create A personal Song for you or for a one of a Kind Gift 

We Can Create a Song For your Business or Organization

Let us take your Craft your song idea to  create a real finished Song 

Acoustic Recording /

Full Band Production